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Protect Your Business and Customers from Security Threats with Web Security by SiteLock, a RDKRevenue Company.






SecureAlert™ automatically scans and removes identified malware, has automatic threat detection, and protects your website and data with 500 MB website backup





when paying annually10% Discount

Includes all features in SecureAlert™ plus web application firewall, database protection, protection against DDoS attacks, one-time emergency repairs and 1 GB website backup.





when paying annually15% Discount

Includes all features in SecureStarter plus vulnerability scanning and CMS patching, unlimited emergency repairs, enables PCI compliance and 2 GB website backup.


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Protecting Over 16 Million Websites 24/7

While large enterprises have unlimited budgets to deal with cyber attacks, SMBs, who are the targets of almost half of these attacks, lack the resources to defend themselves. That’s where SiteLock comes in. SiteLock, a Sectigo®  and RDKRevenue company, is a global leader in website security. We provide affordable, powerful cybersecurity software solutions designed to allow small to midsize businesses to operate without fear of an attack. Watch the video to the left and learn more now.

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Every SiteLock plan includes SiteLock industry-leading anti-malware technology, our trust seal to boost visitor confidence, 24/7 U.S.-based customer service and support and website backup.







Powerful website security & protection designed for you


Website Scanning

Our website security scan instantly checks your website from malware, viruses and other cyber threats and alerts you to found issues.


Vulnerability Patching

Easily check for website vulnerabilities in your CMS with our vulnerability scanner before they are exploited.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Powerful WAF security to protect against advanced cyberthreats - including the top ten threats that could damage your website.


Malware Removal

Detect and automatically remove malicious content from your website, creating a safe experience for your customers.


Website Backup

Securely backup your website to protect against ransomware, hardware corruption and human errors with our reliable backup solution.


Content Delivery Network

SiteLock’s technology enables high volumes of website traffic with zero lag time, ensuring the best possible customer experience with no latency.



Website Malware and Security Scanning Benefits

Each SiteLock Plan comes with automated malware detection scanners that check your site for malicious software and other harmful cyber threats. If anything harmful is identified, you’ll be alerted right away. A website scan works like an alarm system for your website—when threats enter, you’re the first to know. You can take website scanning one step further by selecting a solution that automatically fixes issues on the fly—so you never have to worry. This feature is included in the SecureSpeed® Plan


One Vulnerability Can Impact Over 1,000 Pages on a Single Website

Website vulnerabilities can exist for weeks, months, and even years without being detected.

A website vulnerability is a weakness in code that cybercriminals can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your site. SiteLock’s website vulnerability scanner easily detects these weaknesses. Once the website vulnerabilities are identified, our vulnerability patching can automatically fix weaknesses in your content management system (CMS) before cybercriminals exploit them. You can think of it like patching a hole in your wall—if there’s a vulnerability, it is automatically patched and your site remains secure.


Automated Website Backup for Any Site

Backup all your website files and database, regardless of hosting provider or site technology, with SiteLock’s easy-to-use website backup solution. The product connects via an SFTP or FTP connection and downloads files either OnDemand or based on a schedule you set. Protecting your website against unforeseen consequences has never been easier.


Powerful Security for Increased Website Speed and Protection

Included in SecureStarter and SecureSpeed, SiteLock’s web application firewall (WAF) protects your website and web applications from cyberthreats and harmful traffic, like cybercriminals and bad bots. TrueShield Premium WAF only lets good visitors in and keeps malicious ones out. It’s like having a protective force field around your site. Beyond protecting your website, your web application security solution comes with a content delivery network (CDN) proven to accelerate your website speed by as much as 50 percent.

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