Don’t wait any further – pay now and move in tomorrow. These pre-buit configurations are perfect for the person looking for a 1U Colocation space as is

At RDKRevenue IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTIONS… and that means keeping our clients online and profitable. One of the main ways we do this is by offering affordable and reliable colocation services wherever and whenever you need.

Our facilities are built to ensure our clients get the redundant DDoS protected network they want with the highest level of security they need. Built with N+1 redundancy on all networks, hardware, and power systems, our Colo plans are ideal for any business looking to save.

Every Colocation hosting plan comes with the following features:

Zero Upfront Costs to Get You Going

Stay Connected at All Times

Expert 24/7 IT Support Team

Bandwidth Carriers Connected to 200+

SSAE 16 Audited & DDoS Protected

22 Data Centers in 8 Major Locations


Rack Space Power Bandwidth Network 24/7 Support & Reboots Pricing
1U, 1.75” Height 2 Amps, 120V AC 15TB GigE Port Yes $95.99 Order Now
2U, 3.50″ Height 2 Amps, 120V AC 15TB GigE Port Yes $119.99 Order Now
4U, 7.00″ Height 3 Amps, 120V AC 15TB GigE Port Yes $219.99 Order Now
10U, 17.50” Height 5 Amps, 120V AC 25Mbps GigE Port Yes $419.99 Order Now
21U, 36.75″ Height 20 Amps, 120V AC 50Mbps Mbps on GigE Port Yes $719.99 Order Now
42U, 73.50″ Height 20 Amps, 120V AC 1100Mbps GigE Port Yes $1019.99 Order Now

Free Steup



Useful for hosting websites that will see sizable growth in data and traffic. Run out of storage space? Simply upgrade the server. High traffic causing slow loading times? Acquire more bandwidth through your provider. Any major website is hosted on the best dedicated server provider, and especially large ones are hosted over a multitude of servers. If enterprise demands and high traffic websites are your business, dedicated servers should be a staple


Providers who have poor customer service generally don’t last long in this market, which is why those that remained typically have high customer service ratings. Beyond customer service, providers will often have additional services that customers can purchase, such as back-up, security, and managed servers.


When acquiring a dedicated hosting service from a respectable provider, the server will be located in a secure location in a well-managed data center. This is much better than running the server in-house for obvious reasons. Data centers provide optimal conditions for the servers to run at maximum performance, under safe surveillance. Additionally, running a server in the office requires a high level of technical skills that are usually outsourced or hired, costing a lot of money


It’s the safest option available right now for someone who needs their data to be protected. The only person with access to your server is the customer unless the customer pays for someone else to manage it. Simply put, dedicated servers are the only viable option for companies and individuals who cannot afford to have others intrude on their data.


Clients can also save on the cost of bandwidth by sharing it with other companies. Instead of opting for their own business grade DSL line, our clients can save on bandwidth by hosting their servers in one of our 22 data center facilities which provide fast bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for network connections

Our 22 data centers are equipped with backup generators capable of supplying power to the entire data center in an emergency situation and natural disaster. Our facility is built to never go down in any type of emergency situation, allowing us to offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Servers are stored in a secure environment with both physical and virtual security. We provide the best firewall and encryption services to protect against virtual threats and data theft. Our data centers are protected by CCTV surveillance cameras and biometric clearance access, along with security guards that patrol the area around the clock.

Additional services can take your business to the next level. Our managed server services and SEO hosting are designed to improve your IT network while avoiding the expense of hiring a dedicated IT staff. These services can help you achieve your business goals and establish a dominant web presence. We then provide you with the IP, bandwidth, and power necessary to get your server up and running. Once the server goes online, clients can access their server like they would access a website through an easy to use control panel. Clients will also have the option to physically handle the server by visiting the data center at any time. Data centers are open 24/7 in order to give clients access so that they can freely modify their servers whenever they see fit. Since the hardware is owned by the client, we make sure that our data centers are always open so that our clients have access to their servers at all times


Free up your workspace and save money. Enjoy the benefits of our multi-million-dollar infrastructure without incurring the expenses associated with owning your own network. We offer custom-built cages backed by our world-class data center infrastructure. Our cages are tailored to suit your space, data, server, and power requirements.

Clear your work area and preserve your budget. Take advantage of our multi-million-dollar infrastructure and eliminate the expenses associated with maintaining your own network. Secure and customizable Colo cabinets and cages are available.

Our infrastructures are fully audited and SSAE 16 (SOC 2) Type II (Formerly SAS 70) certified. Our hosting operations are routinely and systematically inspected with focus on control objectives in the areas of organizational structure, governance, administration, physical/environmental controls, and physical/logical security. Rest assured, your system is secure with us.

Data Center Locations

RDKRevenue’s data centers are strategically located to offer you a robust network close to home. From coast-to-coast, our data center services provide the I.T. foundation your business truly needs with the support you really want. With data center space within eight major connectivity hubs in four regions in the United States, you will be ready to help your clients wherever their business takes them


They say “the West Coast is the Best Coast” and we have to agree—after all, it is our home. As the headquarters for some of the biggest companies in the world, Los Angeles and the Bay Area demands superior quality and performance.


At RDKRevenue , It’s All About Connections…™ Our data center locations in the North Eastern area are in major cities along the coast. With 10 data centers in total, we are anywhere you need to be. From Boston to Philly and New York to New Jersey and back again, we chose locations in and around major business hubs.


With the fastest connection speeds to South America, our Miami Data Center is perfect to reach clients outside of the country. Built to connect directly to the NAP of Americas, our data center offers the connections you need at the price point you want.


RDKRevenue’s Midwest data centers were designed to provide you with superior connectivity. With data center space in the connectivity hub of the Midwest, RDKRevenue’s Chicago facilities are perfect for your businesses secure off-premises location.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as there is a valid Letter of Authorization, which RDKRevenue  will verify with receipt, we will gladly, announce the IPs. We also provide BGP Sessions, and there are no extra fees with announcing your own IP space or for providing BGP sessions.

Depending on which of the data centers you choose, (we have Data Centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Connecticut) we will provide the designated shipping address once you sign up for our service.

Yes, along with all of our colocation plans, we will provide /64 IPv6 allocations with no extra charge

Our entire network is under DDoS protection. Because of these protections, your infrastructure will always remain connected and uninterrupted through all attacks.

Yes, RDKRevenue  is happy to attach a KVM to your server, based on your request, at no additional charge. We can also add KVM to an existing server of yours at any time 24/7 by simply contacting our support team and opening a ticket.

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