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Let our experts migrate your email to Office 365

Let RDK help you make the jump to Office 365, a cloud-based Microsoft Office subscription plan. Office 365 combines favorite business productivity software such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel with efficient email and calendar features that can be accessed from anywhere via an internet connection. Migrating to Office 365 gives both large and small businesses access to state-of-the-art technology, with updates delivered as need as part of the subscription package. With solid security, and powerful business productivity tools, Office 365 is the now industry standard for hosted Microsoft Exchange.

RDK Revenue expertise includes sizable Office 365 migrations, even under tight deadlines. We can work alongside your existing IT staff, or handle the full deployment. 

How we work

Fast & Affordable

Affordable flat rates. Great for 10 or 10,000 employees.

Safe & Secure

No lost mail, no downtime. Spam and virus filtering. Use encrypted mail and send securely.

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Expert, personal IT support from from professionals with 20 years experience.


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Give your employees access to their email, anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365 migrations can empower businesses of all sizes for success in the Cloud. Previously only available to the largest corporations, premiere cloud-based email and document sharing is now a reality for mid-size and small businesses everywhere. With Office 365, even small businesses can make the jump to a better office experience in the cloud. With Office 365’s enhanced platforms, solid security and powerful tools for marketing and business, even a small business can position itself for success. Your employees are likely already familiar with Microsoft’s powerful Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook programs. An Office 365 migration gives employees a bundled subscription package to popular business software Word, Excel and PowerPoint with online and offline access. These powerful productivity tools are packaged with enterprise-level email and calendar suite, along with newer Office 365 collaboration tools such as Yammer, Flow and more. It’s not just about improving storage – it’s reinventing everything about how email functions – both for sender and recipient alike. Stronger business-class messaging with customized formats can make email come alive, while accounts are better protected from security threats, including spam control and even complete data clearance in case of a stolen phone. Premier cloud-based email is now a reality for medium and small businesses everywhere. With Office 365, tasks that once required significant time –such as integrating new users – have now been streamlined for today’s business.

Migration Pricing

  • Mailboxes Moved
  • Up to 5
  • 6 to 50
  • 51 to 100
  • 101+
  • Full Service Migration
  • $79.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $59.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $49.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $39.99 / Per Mailbox
  • Data Only Migration
  • $49.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $39.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $29.99 / Per Mailbox
  • $19.99 / Per Mailbox

Migrate your company’s email to Office 365 today

RDK brings the expertise and flexibility to manage sizable Office 365 migrations and implementations, even under tight deadlines. We can supplement existing IT staff as needed, or handle the full endeavor. By using our customized automation tools and following a tried and true Office 365 Migration plan, Nettology absorbs all the tasks and simplifies the process, thus reducing the migration timeline significantly

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