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Solve Your Accounts Receivable Problems and Collect More Revenue with the RDK Revenue Limited

RDK Revenue Limited, is premised on providing comprehensive support to all of our physicians, allowing you to collect 100% of the reimbursement that you are unsettled. Our Medical Billing team, effectively process all aspects of the insurance claims, eliminating accounts receivable over sixty to ninety (60-90) days.

Is your healthcare organization struggling to cut down costs, reduce medical billing errors, improve cash flow, or enhance client satisfaction? Are you caught up with too many back-office tasks that you are unable to focus completely on patient care? Then, it is time to outsource medical billing services to an experienced service provider who can provide you with complete freedom to focus on patient care, reduce errors, and cut down costs. RDK Revenue is one of the best choice for outsourcing Services Company who can be your one-stop-shop for all your medical billing needs. Medical billing is our core competency and we can efficiently manage all your billing needs. Our medical billing specialists have over 6 years of experience with all key insurance payers including CMS and Medicaid. Use the services of one of the top medical billing outsourcing companies to make your task less resource consuming. Medical Billing Services We Offer having been cookery to the needs of the healthcare industry for over 6 years now, we clearly understand the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and cater to their needs accordingly. Some of the key medical billing services we offer include:

Charge Entry:
The fee schedules are pre-loaded into the practice management system. CPT and ICD-10 codes are entered into the system. The billing specialists ensure that all details have been provided in the claim and ready to be billed with in 24-48 hours.

Claims Submission:
Claims are submitted electronically via the practice management system. However, we can process paper claims also. At this stage, a thorough quality check is done by a senior billing specialist and then submitted claims. The rejection report received from the clearinghouse if any, is analyzed and the necessary changes are done. These claims are then resubmitted.

Payment Posting:
All insurance payments and insurance contract adjustments are posted to the patient ledgers accurately and timely–within 24-48 hours after the EOB is scanned by your office. Our Billing Team insurance billing managers will communicate daily with your office manager via email or phone to ensure smooth end-of-day close-out of patient ledgers.

Account Receivables Follow-Up:
All claims in the system are inspected and priorities are set. First, the claims close to their filing limits and then work down from the age of the claim. Periodic follow-ups over phone, email, and/or online is done to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company.


Denial Management:
Denial management including analysis of denials and partial payments is done by our senior medical billing specialists. Insurers, patients, providers, facilities, and any other participants are called to follow-up on denied, underpaid, pending, and any other improperly processed claims and the action is updated in the system. We will call patients, if authorized by the provider, to obtain information from the patient needed for billing such as member ID# and to update the COB (Coordination of benefits) with their insurance companies.

Appealing Denied Claims:
If a claim is denied, we will immediately investigate the cause and appeal the claim that same day. This attention to detail ensures that we collect as quickly as possible the outstanding balances that you are owed.

Weekly/Monthly Reports:
Our periodic reporting bundle will enable you in making more informed decisions for business improvements. Also, weekly and monthly reports are emailed to your management staff, with a summary of our insurance collection efforts and any issues we have discovered that will slow down our collection efficiency.

Primary / Secondary Claims are Submitted Daily:
All insurance billing claims for primary and secondary are sent electronically on regularly without any delay. Pre-authorizations will be sent to insurance companies when requested. We work with any current electronic claims system you are using. If you are currently sending paper claims, we will help you in setting up electronic claims at no additional cost. Every claim is audited before it is sent to an insurance company to ensure that the claim will not be denied over a apostolic error.

At RK Revenue, we provide Physicians, Hospitals, Home Healthcare,laboratories and DME credentialing services, assisting the providers to get better revenues. Our customized credentialing services facilitate the payer enrollment process when Physicians begin their first practice after Med school, change from one practice to another, adding a new Physician to an existing group, or want to become enrolled with a new payer.

We can assist you in setting up your EDI setups with different insurance companies for electronic claims submissions, rejections, eligibility, payment information, denials and electronic fund transfer.

Panels: Getting Full and Closing:
Unfortunately, as masses of healthcare professionals apply to join insurance networks, those networks are increasingly becoming full (and sometimes even closing), which means the process of medical credentialing is becoming more challenging every day. That being said, some panels that claim to be “closed” are really just being highly selective about which providers they are adding. Knowing how to position your practice and expertise can go a long way when it comes to getting into “closed” panels.

Help Getting on Insurance Panels:
If you’re looking for a medical credentialing service that can take the burden of getting on insurance panels off of your plate, consider us at rdkrevenue.pw We’ve helped thousands of providers and practices get credentialed and we’d love to talk with you about our trusted and effective credentialing service. Please feel free to call us at: +94 772766824 or +1 202 830 2408

We will make sure that our clients don’t miss timely revalidation, recertification that can result in delayed payments.

CPT And ICD-10 Coding:
Our coding team works in accordance with CPT codes and ICD-10 Coding compliance, and consists of AAPC certified coders with over 3 years of multi-specialty coding experience. You may send us superbills with diagnostic notes with or without ICD and CPT codes. If codes are already provided on the superbill, they are validated by our coding team compulsorily to prevent any ‘up-coding’ or ‘down-coding’ and therefore, any denials.

Eligibility And Deductible Verification:
Insurance eligibility / deductible verification is the most important and the first step in the medical billing process. Insurance eligibility verification directly impacts the reimbursement. Insurance companies regularly make policy changes and updates in their health plans. Therefore, it is important for the medical billing company or the physicians to verify if the patient is covered under the new plan to get maximum reimbursement. Confirming the insurance coverage facilitates acceptance of the claim on the first submission, whereas non-verification leads to several discomforts like rework, reduced patient satisfaction and increased errors other than causing delays and denials.

Verification process:

  • Verify patients’ insurance coverage with insurance by making calls to the payers and checking through their authorized online insurance portals.
  • Update the medical billing system with eligibility and verification details such as member ID, coverage period, co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, cap limit and other code level benefits information including max allowed limits.
In case of issues regarding a patient’s eligibility, we inform the client immediately. This process increase clients’ monthly revenue and reduce the rejections and denials.

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